With our Living Brand System™, we’ve helped emerging tech and fast-growth companies globally define their purpose and bring it successfully to life, achieving optimal market value.

LAUNCHING 2022: Learn The Ten Superpowers of The World’s Most Successful Brands.

LAUNCHING JULY 2021: Learn The Ten Superpowers of The World’s Most Successful Brands!


The Living Brand System™ Creates a Roadmap to Ensure Your Tech Industry Success

We believe almost every tech startup begins with a sense of purpose. However, as their organizations grow in scale and complexity, founders — along with employees, partners, and customers — often lose site of that initial goal.

It’s a tremendous loss... literally. Statistically, purpose-driven companies achieve greater financial success more quickly ... have more enthusiastic customers and partners ... and attract employees who value the company as if they owned it themselves.

Our mission is to establish and leverage your brand to take your emerging tech company to optimal business and financial success. Based upon the success principles of the world’s leading brands, our Living Brand System™ helps you define or reconnect with your purpose and its true value. From there, you’ll see how to align that vision with your customers’ needs. And finally, you’ll get the tools and tactics to live out your story through your business and your brand.

Nearly 200 Companies Worldwide Have Reaped The Benefits of Our Approach

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I’ve worked with Stuart McFaul for over 20 years. In every situation, he has brought a wide breadth of experience, incisive strategy and deep empathy that has helped both companies and people uncover new opportunities and perform to their maximum potential.

– Joel Jewitt, co-founder and VP, Strategic Operations, LiveRamp

Hi. I'm Stuart McFaul.

Over 20+ years, my award-winning tech marketing agency – Spiralgroup – helped our clients achieve remarkable success. Along the way, I found I most loved working with people who built a true sense of purpose into their business and brought it to life every day.

To help tech companies bring their purpose successfully to life, I refocused my business to help them tap into their inherent purpose and real value to grow to their maximum potential.

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Stuart does amazing work, helping companies understand and live their potential in a meaningful and purposeful way. As a financial professional, I’ve seen first-hand the hard-dollar returns his counsel provides.

– Julie Cavanna-Jerbic, former Controller, HP

Build a Living Brand™ – and Succeed on Purpose

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