Stuart McFaul Associates (SMA, formerly Spiralgroup) is a “make better” marketing consultancy with three offerings designed to help make purpose-centred companies better and grow quickly and efficiently to meet their maximum potential:

  • CMO / Marketing Strategy Services: SMA founder/president Stuart McFaul acts as interim CMO or marketing strategist to allow clients to take full advantage of his 30-plus years of broad-based experience, SMA’s Living Brand™ marketing system, and an extensive network of vetted marketing service providers (now numbering over 1,000 specialists).
    • Stuart’s uniquely visionary and creative leadership connects a company’s core strengths with the real needs of its target audience, resulting in engaging and successful marketing and sales programs. As a result of this unusual talent, the first marketing program Stuart created won top honors as the best in its industry; a later marketing program he built was so successful that The Smithsonian Institution asked to add the business model to their archives. This model is the foundation of SMA’s Living Brand marketing system, which is now used by SMA clients and taught within the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Wharton.
  • Management Advisory Services: SMA offers an extensive team of highly experienced senior executives spanning a broad spectrum of corporate functional areas, such as operations, finance, sales, customer service, et al. These executives are available “on-call” to help clients efficiently plug gaps and address opportunities.
  • Executive Coaching: SMA offers one-to-one executive and team coaching to ensure everyone is working positively, productively and to their full potential.

Contact: Stuart McFaul, [email protected]

The full StuartMcFaul.com website will launch in August 2020.