When Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered, its runaway success confounded the critics. Asked why the show was so successful — even when similar concepts had failed — the producer responded, “We don’t see ourselves as a makeover show. We’re a make BETTER show.”

With a similar outlook, Stuart McFaul Associates (SMA) is a “make better” consultancy. We help tech companies build better, more authentic brands, then guide them fully realize their potential as a company.

I repeatedly work with Stuart McFaul because he is the most ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker I know. He approaches every client with a refreshingly unique strategy and secures the best resources in his abundant network to pull it off.

– Lori Dustin, former CMO, HighRoads

Transformational Marketing Services

With our founder Stuart McFaul acting as your fractional CMO or marketing strategist, we work with your organization’s founders and executives to develop tailored programs that turn around and transform your business.

Focused and Distinctive Brand Strategies

We help you build a strategic roadmap to bring your authentic purpose and value to life — for your employees, customers, and partners — using The Living Brand System™. We help you

  • Discover or reconnect with your purpose and its true value
  • Leverage marketing as the essential channel for bringing your purpose to life
  • Engage or re-engage your customers, compelling them to work with you as valued partners
  • Align departments around a shared sense of purpose, improving performance, culture, and retention
  • Enroll employees as ambassadors for your brand, empowering them to live out your purpose
  • Tap into a network of over 1,000 vetted experts and service providers
  • Establish and consistently achieve metrics that will meet or exceed your CFO’s and board’s expectations

Stuart is a master brand builder. At 3PAR, Stuart and his team’s strategic partnership raised the company’s profile in an extremely competitive space through creative storytelling which contributed to a successful public offer and later a $2.4 billion acquisition at more than three times 3PAR’s market capitalization and eleven times earnings.

– John D’Avolio, served as 3PAR Director of Worldwide Analyst and Public Relations

Results-Getting Marketing Management

We help manage or co-manage the marketing program to extend its value throughout your organization. Our goal is to fully engage and empower your existing marketing team, then extend this engagement and enrollment to your entire business. As a result, everyone can represent the company brand accurately and consistently in every encounter.

When managing programs, our decades of experience bring the following critical benefits that help make you a better company. These benefits are particularly key now as companies deal with reduced budgets and resources, yet still need to maintain business momentum.

  • Empathetic leadership. We help you manage with focus and compassion, allowing you to better navigate business change in an uncertain environment.
  • External perspective. We dispassionately review the market and identify business opportunities.
  • Experience through recessions. We’ve helped all kinds of clients navigate recoveries to regain or even increase market share.
  • Expertise beyond marketing. We partner with businesses at the highest levels of strategy.
  • Extended reach. We guide you in rolling out the Living Brand System across your organization and beyond, connecting you with our team and service partners.
  • Expanded networks. We connect you with other purpose-centered leaders, so you can benefit from their experiences and insight.

Working with Stuart was one of the best investments our budget-constrained startup made. From helping recruit senior executive team members to developing distinctive and innovative marketing programs, his guidance vaulted us to industry leadership almost overnight and attracted one of the world’s largest companies as a business partner.

– Marie McGrath-Brown, President, Gaia Group USA and former VP, Sears

Deeply-Insightful Executive Coaching

We serve as ongoing advisors and coaches to ensure your purpose and value is lived out clearly and consistently, so you can continually engage your audience and maximize your resources.

We once had a terrific emerging tech client who lamented that she felt she worked in the eye of a tornado – a “swirl” – that prevented her from seeing the real world beyond. This is a common experience for most companies when you’re so focused on the ins and outs of everyday business, you can lose sight of your original goals. Our executive and team coaching helps ensure you and your people stay on point, always working as a team towards your common purpose.

Stuart is a masterful consultant, artful and wise in leading executives and their teams to the optimal outcome. A brilliant strategic thinker, he looks way beyond the current fire drill and thinks about what the client needs longer- term. His deep experience and holistic knowledge of business and human nature allow him to deliver high impact for his clients way above and beyond marketing.

– Michael Barton, Interim COO and business growth consultant

Ready to Let Us Help You “Make Better?”

We have helped over 200 companies worldwide discover new opportunities, overcome obstacles and behave like the world’s best brands. We’ve helped them grow or pivot, build industry-leading reputations, and meet the financial goals that ultimately led to their acquisition or IPO.

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