Purpose-driven companies (PDCs) have unique advantages when it comes to building audiences and achieving profitability. Here are 16 facts that underscore that potential.

  1. Purpose-Driven Companies Achieve Higher Success Trajectories More Quickly
Purpose-Driven Companies Meet Great Success


  1. 78% of consumers would tell others to buy from PDCs versus non-PDCs
  2. 80% of consumers are loyal to PDCs that help them achieve Good Life (balance/simplicity, meaningful connections, money and status, personal achievement)
  3. 79% of consumers have deep loyalty to PDCs; 73% would forgive a misdeed
  4. 64% of consumers will buy or boycott based on a PDC’s position on sociopolitical issues


  1. PDCs typically have three times more information of interest than their competitors
  2. 68% of consumers are more willing to share content generated by PDCs


  1. Two-thirds of consumers will pay more for products from PDCs
  2. On average, 70% of shoppers will pay a premium of 35% for PDC-driven products/service

Purpose-Driven Companies Please Investors

Investors believe PDCs are able to transform and innovate better.

  1. PDC investment booming up 25% over past two years
  2. PDCs have seen valuation surge by 175% over past 12 years (versus 70% for non-PDC)

PDCs with engaged management exhibit superior accounting and stock market performance.

  1. Over a ten-year period, stock in PDCs outperform their competitors by a factor of 12. 

Purpose-driven companies are particularly successful in recessions.

  1. Purpose-driven companies achieved 51% annual growth rate during 2008 recession
  2. From 1996-2013, they grew 1681% as compared to S&P average of 118%
  3. In UK, PDCs are growing 28 times faster than the national economic growth of 0.5% 
  4. In last recession, PDCs were 63% more likely to survive than other businesses of similar size.

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