The Living Brand System™: Start with Purpose. Support with Process. Fulfill Your Potential.

The Living Brand System™ is a roadmap to defining your company’s purpose (your reasons for doing what you do) and its associated value, then building a process for successfully living out that purpose in your organization. It’s a step-by-step plan for growth and success that ensures consistency, clarity, and efficiency.

Following a set of seven simple phases that incorporate the winning practices of the world’s most successful brands, you and your leadership team will empower others to powerfully share the story of your brand. The result is to engage and enroll your audience as your enthusiastic advocates.

Hitachi was a new player in the congested financial reporting market. Within one year, Stuart guides us to become the industry thought leader — and even had the SEC promoting us!”

– Wilson So, General Manager, Hitachi XBRL Business Unit



How can we take what we have learned to add deeper meaning to our purpose and improve our company, programs and relationships?


How can you ensure you move consistently towards your goal?


How can you most effectively train employees and partners to bring company values to life in an empathetic way every day?


What do you need to uniquely create and deploy to build and reinforce empathetic relationships?


How do you apply your superpowers to best bring the purpose to life for all constituents?

Personal Connection

What is required to form the best empathetic connection with your key constituents?


How do you define and commit to your purpose?

Transforming Industries and Businesses Around The World.

Over the years, we have applied the principles and process of Living Brand™ principles and processes to over 200 organizations in a wide spectrum of industries. With over 75% of our clients in tech, we have gained deep experience in virtually every aspect of foundational and emerging technologies. Our non-tech clients have given us the freedom to explore innovative marketing approaches around the world, the success of which have allowed us incorporate new ways of thinking into tech marketing.

Using the Living Brand System, our clients have seen many “firsts":

  • Introducing the world to augmented reality from Apple
  • Introducing cloud computing to the marketplace through Cisco
  • Introducing the tech that lets you look around in Google Street View or get an answer from Alexa

The Living Brand approach adapts to any size organization. It extends far beyond marketing to the C-suite, your customers, your employees, and your partners. It helps you build a collaborative team that works together to bring your brand values to life.

Stuart’s creative marketing approach blew us away. His approach allowed us to see ourselves in a whole new way, creating new products, sales channels, media and business opportunities we had never imagined.

– Bob Krulik, Vice President and General Manager, Root Candle

Are You Living Your Brand?

We have helped over 200 companies worldwide discover new opportunities, overcome obstacles and behave like the world’s best brands. We’ve helped them grow or pivot, build industry-leading reputations, and meet the financial goals that ultimately led to their acquisition or IPO.

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