Purpose + Process = Profit

Your Company Can Achieve the Success of the World’s Top Brands.

Over 20 years ago, we asked ourselves “What makes a top brand successful?” We studied and tested the principles and practices of global brand leaders. Then we built a one-of-a-kind system that ensures marketing success.

Today, 200-plus purpose-centered companies globally have succeeded using our approach. With a total valuation of over $3B, they’ve had IPOs and acquisitions by such companies as Amazon and Apple. And that’s just the beginning of the alphabet.

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Meeting Your Full Potential Requires Combining Purpose with Process

We believe almost every company starts with a sense of purpose. However, as the business develops, founders and employees often lose touch with that original goal.

It’s too bad because – statistically – purpose-centered companies achieve greater financial success more quickly… have more enthusiastic and supportive customers and partners… and attract employees who perform as if they owned the company themselves. (See some startling statistics here.)

We help companies rediscover their purpose-driven mission, map it to customer needs, then use our nationally-honored Living Brand™ marketing system [AND PLAYBOOX SALES SYSTEM] to build a path towards achieving it. This approach combines

  • Proven success processes,
  • Out-of-the-box creative thinking, and
  • Highly-focused audience engagement strategies that keep your purpose always fore and center.

Our Living Brand process prevents you from being ordinary. Instead, you become extraordinary, building authority, trust and financial success like a leading brand.

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Hi, I’m Stuart McFaul.

I’m an award-winning marketing expert. My purpose is to help you meet your goals, such as financial success or industry leadership. We do it strategically by enrolling and engaging the right people in the right way at the right times. From employees to your customers, we work together to achieve your common dream.

Personal Message from Stuart

Twenty-two years ago, before I started my first agency Spiralgroup, I took a box from my upper closet. Inside it was everything I had ever written to answer the question “What is my life’s purpose?” The notes ranged from grade-school essays to back-of-the-cocktail napkins scribbles.

It boiled down to a single answer: “My purpose is to use my marketing talent to help good people succeed.” I immediately turned this into my everyday mantra… which made the definition of “good people” became even more clear. Good people are individuals and companies with a sense of purpose to improve the lives of others.

Today, my purpose is to help good people and companies achieve their maximum potential by tapping into their own purpose and bringing it to vivid life for their constituents. While the core work of SMA is marketing strategy and management, I provide much more. Simultaneously, I offer companies experience and resources that better structure and focus their business. I coach executives and corporate teams to help them be their most productive.

I’m grateful to be a trusted advisor to the C-suite. And along the way, I continue to find special joy in optimizing return-on-investment… uncovering new opportunities… solving real problems… and helping bring a better sense of humanity, happiness and humor to the workplace.

The Living Brand Marketing System.
Based on a Lifetime of Experience and Research.

The first marketing campaign I created took a highly-personal 1:1 approach. This was unusual at the time… and it won top honors as the best marketing program in its industry.

A few years later, I took a similar path for a consumer technology company. It was so successful that The Smithsonian Institution asked to add it to their archives. They called it “a model for how to introduce companies to new markets.” I later discovered it was one of the first empathetic marketing programs.

I spent the following few decades building on that foundation. I researched the best practices of the world’s leading brands. Then I brought it all together to create the Living Brand™ marketing success system.

The Living Brand system can adapt to any size company. It can extend beyond marketing to incorporate the C-suite, customers, employees and partners. This builds a team who work together to consistently bring company brand values to life. Plus our partnerships with Playboox, MarketM8, and others can help to reinforce these values for your entire company.

I like to think of Living Brand principles as “superpowers.” Over the years, I’ve applied them to a broad spectrum of industries, including as

  • Emerging technologies,
  • Professional services,
  • Finance,
  • Real estate,
  • Consumer goods,
  • Non-profit organizations, and
  • Foreign governments.

These principles have helped create many business firsts, such as

  • Bringing the world augmented reality for Apple and cloud computing for Cisco,
  • Introducing the tech that allows you to look around in Google Street View or get an answer from Alexa, and
  • Leading a company that made dinnerware (the ultimate parity product) to be honored as the most innovative company in the housewares industry… and receiving a buyout offer from Walmart.

Using the Living Brand approach, I have served over 200 companies on six continents. I’m happy to say they have profited well: achieving a total market valuation of over $3 billion and ROI as high as 23,000%.

Are You Doing The Right Things to Bring Your Company Purpose to Life?

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