Why Purpose-Driven Companies Are So Successful (And You Can Be, Too)

A 2019 report by EY neatly encapsulates the definition and value of purpose driven companies. It initially defines purpose as “an aspirational reason for being that is grounded in humanity and inspires a call to action,” then creates a more practical definition for business: “an aspirational reason for a business that is grounded in humanity […]

16 Compelling Facts about Purpose-Driven Companies and Profitability

Purpose-driven companies (PDCs) have unique advantages when it comes to building audiences and achieving profitability. Here are 16 facts that underscore that potential. Purpose-Driven Companies Achieve Higher Success Trajectories More Quickly Popularity 78% of consumers would tell others to buy from PDCs versus non-PDCs 80% of consumers are loyal to PDCs that help them achieve […]

The Ten Superpowers of the World’s Most Successful Brands

Over twenty years ago, when The Smithsonian asked to add our original Living Brand model to their archives, we knew we had the right approach (building an empathetic relationship), but we wanted to dig deeper. What did successful brands do specifically that helped them achieve success? Fundamentally, we learned that successful brands simply approach business […]

The Crow’s Nest Conundrum: Are The Right People Guiding You to Success?

Many years ago, Stuart worked with Carol, a brilliant marketing executive who had one ongoing complaint: she had the hardest time seeing outside “The Swirl.” She characterized The Swirl as you standing in the middle of a tornado, where everything was spinning and happening so fast around you that you couldn’t see beyond it. In […]